Oscar Mayer // The Great American Bacon Barter


Oscar Mayer // Bacon Barter

To promote the meaty value of Oscar Mayer's Butcher Thick Cut bacon, we sent a stand-up comic from NY to LA without any cash or credit cards—just a truck, a Twitter feed, and 3,000 bricks of Butcher Thick Cut to barter for all the food, gas, lodging, and supplies he'd need along the way. Turns out, good bacon is worth more than its weight in gold.



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Cannes Lions Shortlist (PR), OneShow Merit (Interactive), Clio Awards Shortlist (Social Media), Shorty Awards Finalist (Social Media in Real Life), New York Festivals Silver (PR), SABRE Awards Gold, The FAB Awards Gold (Social Media), Bees Awards Best Campaign, Creative Media Awards Gold

Concept and Creative Direction
 in partnership with Dave Yankelewitz

 David Bourla and Josh ChuaArt Directors: Megan Schulist and Ricky AnolikProducers: Marc Calamia, Fred Kluth, Alanda Fellows