Outfox The Holidays

Parental Controls // Outfox The Holidays

America’s definition of truth is getting Trumpier every day, and many of our parents are watching Fox News 24/7 like it’s actual news. And it’s rotting their impressionable minds. We wanted to save America’s parents, by blocking Fox News on their TVs with Parental Controls.

Starring Andy Richter, Carrie Madsen, DC Pierson, and Becky Robinson, the video garnered over 2 million views, #1 on Creativity’s Top 20, a handful of liberal blogs, Facebook hate mail, and one very serious think-piece by the Conservative Tribune.


Illustrations by Manuel Cetina.


Concept and Creative Direction
 in partnership with Zac Sax and Dave Yankelewitz

Glenn F Clements
Producer: Kate K Dowd
Producer: Phil Pessaro
Line Producer: Michelle Basterrechea
Associate Producer: James Shickich
Post Production Producer: Pamela Heller
Director of Photography: Nate Cornett
2nd Operator: Kevin Stiller
Gaffer: Jenn Cohen-Harriman
AC / Lighting: Danny Hahn
AC: Allan De Leon
Media Manager: Jim Dempsey
Sound: Taylor Coe
Production Designer: Amy Plouff
Prop Master: Berwin Bell
Stylist: Lynette Pone
Hair & Makeup: Dana Holm
Production Assistants: Kirby Socker, Chanler Jackson, Ian Jones
Editor: Crandall Miller, Whitehouse Post
Colorist: Darin Wooldridge
Sound Design and Mix: Diana David, Pomann Sound NYC
Graphics: Chris Weller
Illustrator: Manuel Cetina
Art Director: Aaron Mosher
Writers: Zac Sax, David Yankelewitz, Aaron Mosher, and Rob Kutner
Creative Consultant: Jay Katsir
Apron Writer: Craig Baldo
PR: Rebecca Sullivan

Special thanks to Genoa Terheggen, Aimee Mosher, Steve Lui, Craig Baldo, Gabe Laskin, Nicole Severi, C-Mount, Jason Liquori, Dan Adlerstein, Stu Smith, Doug Karo, Rosie Keller, Dave Lyons, and Danny Adrain