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Verizon // Super Bowl LII


Verizon // Super Bowl LII

More first responders rely on Verizon than any other network. So instead of using America's biggest stage to advertise network features, we decided to thank all the brave men and women who routinely risk their lives to answer the call. The effort included a :60 during Super Bowl LII that gave disaster victims a rare chance to personally thank their rescuers, accompanied by an appeal for the rest of America to thank first responders on



The New York Times, Washington Post, Good Morning America, Business Insider, Fast Company Top 5 Superbowl Spots of 2018, 7th on USA Today Ad Meter, Adweek, AdAge

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Concept & 20 rounds of decks to sell the idea
 in partnership with Ryan Paulson, Jason McKean, Hope Nardini and Dave Yankelewitz

Pierre Lipton, Creative Director: Ryan Paulson, Creative Director: Jason McKean, Senior Copywriter: Hope Nardini, Copywriter: Dave YankelewitzProducer: John McAdorey, Producer: Meredith Witte